How It Works

We Come to You

We’re in your part of town twice a week, whether your neighborhood is West Van, North Van, or your office downtown.

On Your Schedule

You decide on your preferred schedule, be it once a week, twice a week, or only on demand.

The Art of Clean

We pick up your dirty clothes, and then deliver them cleaned – as only Carousel can clean them – on the next delivery day.

Your Account

We charge your account for the cleaning only. The Valet Service is completely free. Our goal is to make your life simpler, but not more expensive.

Here’s an example: John is a CEO and his wife, Anne, works on the board of a local charity. Between meetings and functions, they are the quintessential West Vancouver power couple. Based on their cleaning volume, John and Anne set up a twice-a-week pick up and delivery schedule. If we pick up on Monday, then the clothes are back – Carousel-cleaned – on Thursday.

Or consider Allan, a realtor from North Van. Allan only requires pick up and delivery once a week. We’re in North Vancouver on Tuesdays and Fridays. Allan picks Tuesday as his route day and, every week like clockwork, we check his home for garments. When they’re clean, we bring them back the next Tuesday.

And then there’s Elaine, a bank executive living in Lion’s Bay. Elaine’s cleaning needs aren’t enough to warrant a weekly visit, but she still appreciates the Pick Up and Delivery service. When Elaine has a package for cleaning she opens the Valet Service page and clicks on “Order A Pick Up”. Once she logs into her account, a calendar pops up and shows her when our next visit will be. She submits the order with another click and then relaxes, knowing we’ll be there, as promised.