Do I need to be home for clothing pick-up and delivery?

No, not at all, In fact, most of our residential customers are not home when we pick up and deliver. That’s the point – convenience. In a busy world, every minute counts. Carousel takes the work out of caring for your fine garments and textiles.

How do you pick up and delivery my clothes?

We have a beautiful new van. Our bonded Valets will pick up from, and deliver to, your home or business, on the North Shore or in Downtown Vancouver.

What is the schedule?

We are always in your area twice a week for pickups and deliveries. Deliveries are guaranteed on your next delivery day following pickup.

West Vancouver / Lion’s Bay: — Monday and Thursday

North Vancouver / Downtown: — Tuesday and Friday

Twice a week?

Yes, but only if you need it. We’ll come as often as you need, and we’ll adjust the schedule as your needs change. If that’s twice a week, great, but we’ll also stop by once a week if that’s all you need. Or, if your dry cleaning needs are less frequent, we’ll only stop by when you request a visit. Whatever you need.

What time do you pick up and deliver?

We ask that you have your Valet bag out by 8:30am for pickup, and we will have your clothing cleaned and delivered by 6:00pm on your next delivery day.

What if I have emergencies or problem stains?

There are two options: You can either call in advance of the pickup to explain the specific issues, or you can run the item down to us in person instead of using the Valet Service. Special circumstances might warrant special efforts. This would also apply to leathers, designer handbags, and our other specialty services.

How much did you say Valet Service costs?

You read it right the first time. And the second time. This is a free service, a value added expression of The Art of Clean. Pick Up and Delivery services are 100% complimentary, from our family to yours.

Still have questions? Please, don’t hesitate to call Carousel and we will happily answer them!